Grandfalls, NFLD

Last week I got to visit Grandfalls, NFLD on a work trip to train the parts department of a dealership.

I left Calgary bright and early sunday morning (17/04/16), and had a very long day of travel. I flew with the team from Calgary to Toronto, waited about an hour. From there we flew to Halifax, NS, waited about an hour. Flew into Gander, NLFD and then drove an hour to Grandfalls, NFLD. A 11 hour total day, and a 3.5 hour time difference needless to say I was ready for bed.

Monday morning I woke up feeling like death! I couldn’t stop throwing up, turns out the “Mary Browns” chicken I had wasn’t so great. I put on my big girl undies anyway and got ready for my first day at the dealership!

The first two days went really very at work, and the days seemed to go by pretty fast. The town was pretty small and limited our options on things to see, and places to eat but we made the most of it…


On wednesday after work we took a trip out to “Little Brunt Bay”. I don’t remember ever being so cold in my life! However, the views totally made up for it!



However, it didn’t stay like for long … This is a view from my hotel room


And this is the next day outside at the dealership…


Needless to say I was counting down the days until my flight left and I was able to get the hell out of that town! … Snow in April? that shit cra!

Mind you, an hour away in Gander where the other team from work was staying got hit way worse then our location…


By the time Friday came around I had my bags packed and I was ready to leave NFLD! On the way home it felt like it took forever! I’m not sure if thats because it was a another 11 hour day, or because I REALLY wanted to get the hell away from the snow. Especially since this happened  in Calgary, after I heard that news I really really wanted to get back!

Flying back home was a little different, we drove the hour back to Gander, and from gander flew into Halifax, after waiting about an hour we flew into ottawa. Usually I get a connecting flight to the next airport, but this time we just waited on the plane for about 30 mins and proceeded to Calgary! I was so happy to be home until for the SECOND time flying with Air Canada my luggage wasn’t waiting for me!! Off to baggage security I went, where they informed me my bag went to Toronto … not sure how the mix up happened because I sure the hell didn’t go to Toronto! Either way, my bag got delivered the next day.

I’d say all in all it was a good trip! (Minus the snow) – I went with a good team, and I got along with all of them and had fun! Next week I go back to NFLD, but this time I go to St Johns.

I’m really excited to see St.Johns, even more excited to hang out on George St I’m sure I’ll lots of good stories to tell about that trip!

Until next time…



Hello world!

I’ve decided to start a new blog, and decided to start writing it here. I’ll still keep my old blog open and reference it every once in awhile, in fact you can find it Here!

The blog is very personal to me, and I pretty much documented my whole life there so its nice to go back and remember all the good times, and the not so good times. I plan to focus this blog more so about travelling.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to see the world. I often wonder how other people live, what type of food they type eat, how they sound compared to how my friends and family sound and so many more things. I want to experience so much in life and see what this wonderful world had to offer.

For the last year I’ve been making those dreams come true. Currently I work for a software company that focus on car dealerships. My job is to support current dealerships that are already on the software and answer any how to questions about how the software works. The best part of my job is the 2nd part. When a dealership buys our software I get to fly with a team to the dealership and train the parts department of the store on how the software works! Thats right, I get paid to fly around the canada, possibly america and experience one of the greatest things life has to offer, memories.

From time to time I’ll check in and keep readers updated about exciting things that happen in my personal life!

Cant wait to start showing you lovely readers all my adventures!

Until next time…